Most Recommended Paint for Indoor Walls

Paint can enhance the beauty of walls by adding color, texture, and sheen. It can also cover up imperfections and give a fresh, new look to a room. Typically, we tend to concentrate on the color and finish of interior wall paint while selecting it, disregarding aspects such as texture or composition.

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However, if your objective is to pick the ideal paints for your cherished dwelling, it’s crucial to comprehend the fundamental distinctions among different types. Each kind have possesses distinctive functions and characteristics that are tailored to specific purposes. Therefore, it’s essential to delve into the details to make an informed decision.

Eggshell paint

Eggshell paint finish can be an excellent option for you. This type of finish has a more subdued shine, making it a perfect choice for those who want something between a flat and satin finish. It provides a level of sheen that’s greater than flat paint, yet not as glossy as a satin finish.

Moreover, it’s more effortless to clean than it, but not as simple to clean as satin. As a result, eggshell paint is ideal for use in living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms where a moderate level of durability is required.

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The durability of paint is typically proportional to the level of gloss present in it. As the gloss increases, so does the toughness of the paint. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that the more gloss present in the paint, the more it will highlight any flaws or imperfections in the surface.

Hence, unless you specifically seek out an ultra-shiny finish, you might be better off choosing a semi-gloss option. Semi-gloss offers a level of durability, while also providing some resistance to minor scratches and scuffs. It’s a popular choice for high-traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, where walls are more prone to moisture, stains, and general wear and tear.

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With its velvety, matte appearance, flat paint is the most suitable option for concealing any wall imperfections. Nonetheless, it’s also the least long-lasting choice and doesn’t typically withstand scrubbing well. Although several paints formulations can be easily cleaned with soap and water, individuals usually avoid using flat paint because it requires a bit more effort to maintain compared to other sheens.

Despite this, it remains an excellent choice for use in low-traffic areas like adult bedrooms and formal dining rooms where durability is not a top priority, and a smooth, elegant finish is desired.

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For all trim and woodwork, I recommend using semi-gloss paint. Its finish provides a level of shine that sets it apart from the walls, which is particularly crucial when you’re not using contrasting colors (e.g., white walls with white trim).

Additionally, it adds a certain luster to the surfaces, making them look more luxurious and elegant. Furthermore, cleaning and maintaining is a breeze, requiring nothing more than soap and water or a soft cloth to remove any dust or dirt that may accumulate over time. It is an excellent choice for adding a touch of refinement and practicality to your home’s woodwork and trim.

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If you’re looking for a paint finish that offers a bit of sheen while still being durable, satin paint is an excellent choice, especially for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms. It can withstand frequent cleaning and scrubbing, making it a practical option for such hardworking rooms. It is important to note that its glossiness can accentuate any wall imperfections like cracks, divots, or poorly patched areas.

It’s not the ideal choice for walls with extensive flaws or irregularities, and it’s best to address any imperfections before applying a satin finish. Nevertheless, it provides a subtle glow while still being easy to maintain, and is an excellent option.

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Emulsion paints have become the go-to option for interior wall colors due to their water-based formula, making them almost odorless and eco-friendly. Thanks to their quick-drying properties and low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) level, emulsion paints are a great choice for interior walls.

They are also durable and washable, allowing for easy removal of stains with just a wet cloth or mild soap solution. Furthermore, emulsion paints come in various finishes, such as sheen, silk, and matte, making them suitable for any room in your home.

Emulsion paints are particularly well-suited for high-traffic areas such as doorways and hallways, as well as rooms prone to spills and messes, such as the kitchen, bathroom, study, and kids’ rooms. With their versatility and durability, emulsion paints are an excellent option for anyone looking to refresh the walls of their home.

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Textured paint is an excellent option for those who want to add a unique aesthetic value to their walls. Whether you’re aiming to create a subtle accent or to achieve a more dramatic effect, it can help. It comes in various types of special effects, such as marble, stucco, sand swirl, and popcorn textures, making it an excellent choice for interior wall painting designs.

It is also an effective way to conceal minor flaws and inconsistencies on walls, such as cracks or uneven surfaces. However, it requires a skilled hand to apply it correctly, so it is best to hire a professional painter for the job.

It is ideal for creating accent walls in any room and for walls with minor flaws and inconsistencies that need to be concealed. It offers a unique way to enhance the aesthetics of any space while also providing functional benefits.

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Enamel paint is typically applied to metallic and wooden surfaces to provide a hard, glossy, and opaque finish. However, it can also be used on walls to offer added protection against tough conditions. It is an excellent choice for commercial kitchens since it is resistant to water, stains, and heat. Similarly, it can be used to coat bathroom doors that are exposed to moisture.

It is ideal for all indoor and outdoor wood and metal surfaces, making it an excellent option for anyone looking to improve the durability and aesthetics of their metal or wooden structures. It is most versatile and reliable option, whether it’s about protecting outdoor furniture or enhancing the look of your home’s trim and doors.

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To create a luxurious and opulent look in a room, metallic paints are perfect alternative to wallpaper. It contains tiny particles of metals like bronze, steel, copper, or aluminum. Additionally, this paint can be used on wooden and metal surfaces to provide a grand makeover.

By adding unique fixtures and knobs to furniture, the overall look can be further enhanced. Ideal for creating an accent wall in any room, and adding a luxurious touch to wooden and metal surfaces.

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Distemper has a long history, dating back to ancient Egypt, and has since evolved into different varieties. It is also known as whitewash or cement paint and can be directly applied to a plastered surface without a primer.

If used as an undercoat before applying other paints, it can help the topcoat last longer. Distemper paint is resistant to cracking and fading in the presence of sunlight. It is ideal for balconies, terraces, roofs, and industrial use

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