Envisage Scapes


Crafting Your Curiosity


We believe that good design increases the quality of life and that creativity is the key to having an amazing home. We believe that living energies in the home: the people, the pets, and the plants are what make a house a home. Color has the power to bring joy, that pattern is the spice of design, texture creates experience and the plants are magic. Creativity, comfort and joy are contagious. In an ideal home, in addition to fashion and luxury, comfort and warmth are equally important, and designers play a key role in this regard It is our desire to create home furnishings that are exceptional, accessible and designed for the way we live today. We believe that great design tells a story of where you've been, where you are, and where you're going. We do that by mixing raw with refined, allowing industrial to play against the organic, and using color, material and texture in thoughtful ways to create a collection with a sophisticated and authentic point of view.

How do we work for our Commercial Projects?

We partner with our clients — becoming a part of their development team — to understand their vision, business objectives, and market opportunities. We consider market, financial, political and historical conditions as a way to guide a project’s design. We combine the broad experience and technical depth of a large international firm with the kind of direct, active, personal service usually found only in smaller firms. We have an expert team that can effectively execute a project vision. And, it stays with a project from conceptualization to completion and beyond, while a new environment develops and a new community takes shape.


We transform spaces into extraordinary brand experiences anywhere. Our team has the required local knowledge, industry tools and flexibility it takes to grow brands, strategically and creatively. As true partners, we are committed to your success.



Zen Style







In today’s modern period, people tend to tend to the ancient and classical features. That is why the vintage interior style is very popular nowadays. The harmonious combination between the classical and modern makes the design space nostalgic, old, but not outdated. Vintage interior space is a blend of modern devices such as computers, appliances, lights and old things like antique chandeliers, an old table or picture frames to create. so a style “hold onto the memory of the time”


Organic Textures

Natural and organic textures and fabrics fit best in Mediterranean designs, furniture, and accessories, like linen, cotton, and rattan.

Antique or Artisan Accessories

Though accessories are best kept to a minimum, antique or handmade features like clay pots, tiles, or ceramicware add to the old world, artisan feel of Mediterranean styles.